10/12/2012 06:34 am ET

'The Big Bang Theory': Amy Gets Jealous, Spreads Her Scent All Over Sheldon's Office (VIDEO)

When Sheldon hired a new assistant -- who also happened to be an attractive female -- Amy went into jealousy mode on "The Big Bang Theory," and it wasn't pretty. It also wasn't very sanitary, as Penny witnessed when they dropped by Sheldon's office.

After saying that she was cool, Amy proved she wasn't by kicking in the door. She anticipated seeing the two of them together, but Sheldon sees his new assistant more like one of the servants on "Downton Abbey." So Amy needn't have worried, and she certainly didn't need to rub Sheldon's phone under her armpit, or lick his stapler.

She explained to Penny that she was spreading her scent to mark her territory, but Penny didn't think it would be very effective.

"Really?" Amy retorted. "Because just before you became my best friend I did this all over your apartment."

Now there's a disturbing visual. Viewers didn't see it, but a massive cleaning session at Penny's place probably happened shortly thereafter.

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