10/12/2012 05:57 pm ET Updated Oct 17, 2012

Weekend DIY Ideas: 7 Easy Ways To Fix Up Your Home In 2 Days (PHOTOS)

Maybe it's the fewer hours of daylight we're getting each day or maybe we've just been busy, but for some reason, this week felt longer than usual. This weekend, take some time to put your feet up, but also accomplish a few things around the house. Check out the slideshow below for some useful weekend DIY ideas to fix up your home and prepare it for even colder weather ahead. As good as it feels to sit around, sometimes it feels even better to do a few small things to improve our homes. And don't worry, after you work hard building storage space in your laundry room or cleaning your fireplace, we completely encourage you to build a fire, put on your pj's and veg. You deserve it.

7 Weekend DIYs

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