10/15/2012 08:41 am ET Updated Dec 15, 2012

BIll Moyers: Bill O'Reilly In 'Alternate Reality' (VIDEO)

Bill Moyers politely corrected Bill O'Reilly on a number of things the Fox News host got wrong about him during his recent debate with Jon Stewart.

O'Reilly brought a variety of props with him to the so-called "Rumble" with Stewart earlier in October. Among them was a sign reading, "Why Is NPR getting our money?" with a picture of Moyers.

Speaking on his public television show, Moyers set O'Reilly straight.

"If you had grown up watching Sesame Street, you'd know your alphabet by now," he said. "And you would know NPR is not PBS. I'm on television, just like you. Well, not exactly like you. You reside in an alternate reality, where the truth is as elusive as a moonbeam and facts as alien as little green men with bug eyes." He pointed out that he didn't even get money from PBS to produce his show.

"Big Bill's whole debate with Jon Stewart was like that," Moyers said. "Even when he offered up a morsel of praise for anyone, he tripped over the facts." He played footage of O'Reilly praising journalists from Univision, even as he kept saying they were from Telemundo.

"Those two are competitors," he said to O'Reilly. "Suppose I mixed up your Fox News Channel with, say, the Cartoon Network."



Bill O'Reilly and Jon Stewart