10/15/2012 04:40 pm ET

Crazy Gross Internet Troll Caves Will Make You Feel Better About Your Dirty Keyboard (PHOTOS)

Before pointing too many fingers, let's acknowledge that many people have been down the rabbit hole that the Internet and too much free time can dig. That being said, these bona fide troll caves go way beyond the inevitable debris of an entire three-day weekend spent playing Skyrim.

Reddit user "blackpix" claims to have scoured the contents of a 4chan thread called "poverty/s*** station" for these charming interiors. The community's reaction, while generally horrified, also showed empathy toward the likely very depressed or apathetic individuals who allowed their situations to degrade to this point.

"Lived like those pictures for about 4 years before I [realized] what kind of a lazy f*** I was and not just a victim," user "LDN28" wrote. "I hated the mess every second I lived in it but never changed it. It's strange because I worked and studied hard and even got a job as a cleaner for a couple of months while I was living like that."

Some of the photos show sparsely or haphazardly furnished work stations in which a computer's prominence sends a clear message about a denizen's priorities. Others images depict a squalor of overflowing ashtrays, empty cases of beer and heaps of soda bottles.

Although these photos are pretty sad, slovenliness can also have a lighter side. Earlier this year, some office buddies grew a small crop of cress in a co-worker's dirty keyboard.

Bad hygiene aside, some publications have explored the connection between "information hoarding" -- stuffing one's browsers with links -- and actual hoarding behavior, which can be a crippling psychological disease.

"Many information hoarders also get stuck in life because they are still gathering information on what they want to do, but never achieve the sense of knowing needed to actually make the decision to do what they desire," psychologist Renae M. Reinardy wrote in OCD Newsletter in 2006.

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