10/15/2012 03:07 pm ET

Kate Gosselin's Earnings Revealed in New Book

When Kate Gosselin found out that her reality show had been canceled back in November 2011, she told me money was the first thing that came to mind. Kate vowed to do whatever necessary to provide for her eight children, and insisted the amount of money she was rumored to have made was not accurate. However, a newly released book claims Kate earned at least $2,499,000 from her reality show, "Jon & Kate Plus 8."

“I read what we apparently make and it's hysterical. That would be a dream come true times two million. So it's certainly way less than people think. We are not set for life,” Kate said in 2011. “You know, I need to work as soon as possible -- as in yesterday.”

Now, the author of a controversial new book, "Kate Gosselin: How She Fooled The World," claims to have detailed accounts of exactly how much Kate made for each of the first five seasons her show aired on TLC.

“This is a breakdown of money per episode for each season, not including bonuses and travel expenses, per diems, etc. from the Gosselin/Discovery contracts, which I have,” writes author Robert Hoffman.

Season 1:
$2,000 per episode x 9 episodes = $18,000

Season 2:
$5,000 per ½-hour episode x 9 episodes = $45,000
(3) 1 hour episodes=$15,000 extra
Season 2 Total=$60,000

Season 3:
$5,000 per ½-hour episode x 32 episodes = $160,000
(4) 1 hour episodes=$20,000 extra
Season 3 Total=$180,000

Season 4:
$9,000 per ½-hour episode x 41 episodes = $369,000
(8) 1 hour episodes=$72,000 extra
Season 4 Total=$441,000

Season 4 was renegotiated to $22,500 per ½-hour episode x 41 episodes = $922,500
(8) 1 hour episodes=$180,000 extra
Season 4 Total=$1,102,500

Season 5: $$22,500 per ½-hour episode x 24 episodes = $540,000
(7) 1 hour episodes = $157,500 extra
Season 5 Total=$697,500

And although $22,500 per episode is much less than the $75,000 per episode that was reported at the time, $697,500 is surely not an insignificant amount of money.

It's also worth noting that the fame the family gained thanks to "Jon & Kate Plus 8" -- later renamed "Kate Plus 8" for seasons 6 and 7 -- led to several paid endorsement deals, as well as Kate’s infamous, paid participation in "Dancing With The Stars."

Discovery Communications, TLC's parent company declined to comment on compensation and neither Gosselin nor her manager responded to our request for comment.




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