10/15/2012 11:14 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Microsoft Releases Snappy New Windows 8 Ad

"Ten, nine, eight, eight, eight…"

Microsoft's first Windows 8 television commercial has just been released, touting the giant tech company's new operating system.

The 30 second spot begins with a countdown, as new features are highlighted by an eclectic group of users -- presumably to show how versatile the new software is. "Only Want You" by the Eagles of Death Metal plays in the background of the fast-pace commercial, which wraps up with a closing shot of the launch date, "10.26.12."

Watch the full "Windows 8 is Coming Soon" video below:

Microsoft announced the new Windows 8 OS in September of 2011. Now, over a year later, the highly-anticipated software will finally be released on October 26, with the full version marked at $70 (currently available for pre-order) and a downloadable version priced at $40 until January 2013.

The company uploaded the advertisement to its Windows blog in a short post on October 14, stating, "We are all excited to share a preview of our advertising campaign." This leads us to believe there will be a few more energetic Windows 8 commercials coming our way before the expected OS launch.

What do you think about the new commercial? Sound off in the comments section, or tweet at us (@HuffPostTech). Then check out this "commercial" mocking Internet Explorer 9 , or watch the ads from Samsung and Nokia bashing Apple.



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