10/15/2012 09:27 pm ET Updated Oct 16, 2012

Ronald Baker, San Francisco Stagehand, Sues Pornography Company Over Illegal Penis Injections

A San Francisco stagehand working for a pornography company filed a lawsuit Friday alleging he was fired after refusing to illegally inject performers with TriMix, a prescription-only medication intended to prolong erections.

According to the San Francisco Chronicle, Ronald Baker sued Adult Entertainment Broadcast Network for wrongful termination, emotional distress and violations of labor and professional business codes.

Baker's attorney, Elisa Stewart, told The Huffington Post that her client, who has no medical training, was pressured to inject the substance into the penises of male performers shortly after he started working with the company.

According to Stewart, Baker eventually agreed to perform the injection and accidentally pierced his thumb with a needle. "The company had no protocol on how to handle the situation," said Stewart.

Baker immediately underwent HIV and STD testing and wrote a letter to Adult Entertainment Broadcast Network explaining that he would not continue to administer the injections. Baker claims that his paycheck and health benefits were then cut.

"Shortly after, he discovered that the models receiving the injections didn't even have prescriptions," Stewart told HuffPost.

Calls to Adult Entertainment Broadcast Network were not immediately returned.