10/16/2012 12:01 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Justin Bieber, Adidas Team Up For 2-Year Partnership (PHOTOS)

Just hear us out.

Justin Bieber is a marketer's dream: cute, inoffensive and able to sell pretty much anything to teen girls. (See: Justin Bieber's perfume for girls.) So excuse for a moment while we praise -- not at all sarcastically! -- Bieber's latest business venture: acting as official "style icon" for Adidas NEO Label.

NEO Label is one of Adidas' more style-driven brands, offering an "ideal mix of sporty and casual with an eye for fashion and a focus on fun." Bieber has signed a two-year partnering with the youthful clothing line, agreeing to make public appearances, pose for ad campaigns and promote NEO Label through "his vast social media reach" (i.e. if you follow Biebs on Twitter or Instagram, look out for sneaker pics).

To make it even more exciting for the young'uns, Adidas NEO Label is launching a contest where teens can search for a hidden code hidden somewhere in, well, the Internet for the chance to win a pair of customized NEO gold sneakers. We can already hear the girls frantically screaming...

But try as we might to poke fun at yet another Bieber enterprise (and the fact that Adidas is seriously stretching the definition of "style icon" here), we've got to admit: we like this. Bieber is young, stylish and loves a good pair of sneakers, particularly Adidas (he got his own personal shopping spree from the athletic brand just this week). So an Adidas collaboration makes a lot of sense.

Or at least more sense than his OPI nail polish collection. We're still scratching our heads over that one.

justin bieber adidas

justin bieber adidas

Our little crooner's all grown up:

Justin Bieber Style Evolution

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