10/16/2012 01:12 pm ET

Oktoberfest Justice: Video Shows John Scrivano Attacked By Officer At Philadelphia Beer Fest

Footage posted Sunday to YouTube shows a police officer beating a man senseless with a baton at a recent beer festival in Philadelphia.

The description of the video (below), labeled "Oktoberfest Justice," claims that 43-year-old John Scrivano and his friends "decided to spend South Street's Oktoberfest event spitting at passerby, throwing beer at people, instigating [sic] fights and generaly doing their best to ruin everyone's day."

The footage shows Scrivano and the officer exchange words for a moment as a crowd begins to gather. Scrivano is then seen slapping the officer in the face, setting off a violent struggle to the ground.

According to The Philadelphia Inquirer:

The officer, bald and wearing bike shorts, grabs Scrivano with his left hand and strikes him with a baton in his right hand. The two tumble into the wet gutter as security men try to assist the officer. Scrivano appears still to be fighting when the officer grabs his baton with both hands and rams it into Scrivano's head seven times.

Scrivano's girlfriend said he was unconscious when paramedics arrived on South Street, according to NBC 10. The station also reports that the officer is under investigation for the level of force used, but has not been reprimanded or assigned to desk work.

WARNING -- The following video may be unsuitable for some audiences.



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