10/16/2012 05:54 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Scott Torgerson Insults Desmond Howard On Twitter: Ohio Sports Radio Host Suspended

Scott Torgerson, a sports radio host in Columbus, Ohio, was suspended for an offensive tweet about ESPN personality and former Heisman Trophy winner Desmond Howard.

The co-host of "The Common Man & The Torg" on 97.1 The Fan (an ESPN affiliate) took to Twitter on Saturday afternoon to unleash his negative feelings toward the former Michigan star.

"I wish Desmond Howard would get fired or die so I can watch Gameday again," he wrote. Togerson has since deleted the message but not before a couple others in the Twitterverse took notice and retweeted.

President of WBNS 97.1 Dave Van Stone confirmed to the Associated Press that Torgerson has since been suspended.

Kirk Herbstreit, another college football analyst for ESPN and former football player for Ohio State, went on WBNS on Monday and spoke up for Howard while talking to Anthony Rothman.

"I think what Desmond Howard had to deal with over the weekend is disgusting and very sad," said Herbstreit. "I don't know the reason behind it but the tweet from an individual that works at the radio station was above and beyond what was acceptable and just another example with Twitter and how things can be said... Meanwhile you have a guy who's not real sure what to think about that in Desmond. And his family is concerned about him. Just some thing that should not be tolerated, just sickening."