10/16/2012 02:41 pm ET

Top 5 Worst Wedding Proposals

Drunken proposals
While being drunk can boost your confidence, passion and spontaneity (which would seem the perfect combination for a marriage proposal), don’t be fooled into thinking a drunken proposal is the way to woo your lover. A vodka-fuelled attempt at winning the heart of the one you love will only result in embarrassment, disappointment and a huge feeling of regret the morning after. Wobbling over while trying to balance on one knee, dropping the engagement ring and slurring your ‘romantic’ words does not a perfect proposal make. Your partner should love you the most when you’re yourself and alcohol has a tendency of bringing out different sides to people. So be true to yourself, and your partner, by proposing in a truly sober state (well, one glass for Dutch courage won’t hurt).

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