10/17/2012 06:05 am ET Updated Oct 17, 2012

'19 Kids & Counting': Jill Gets Nailed With A Speeding Ticket On Her Birthday? (VIDEO)

Fans have watched the Duggar kids growing up over the past four years on "19 Kids & Counting." Now, their fourth child reached that important milestone of turning 21 as Jill celebrated her birthday with a rather dubious gift. She didn't imbibe, as many people do at that age, but she nevertheless made a somewhat rash and reckless decision.

"I got a nice little birthday card last night," she told dad Jim Bob. "A nice little ticket.

That's right. All grown up and getting her first speeding ticket. But her parents weren't mad or disappointed in her. In fact, Michelle hinted it might have something to do with that Duggar pedigree.

"I had never gotten a ticket until I married your daddy," she told Jill. "And then not just one ticket -- I got two tickets in a row!"

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