10/17/2012 05:41 am ET Updated Oct 17, 2012

Jimmy Kimmel Apologizes To Bristol Palin After Her 'DWTS' Elimination (VIDEO)

Bristol Palin won't be coming in third place this time on "Dancing With the Stars." The 21-year-old daughter of Sarah Palin was eliminated in the fourth week of the "All-Stars" competition, meaning it was time for her and her professional partner Mark Ballas to stop by and chat with "Jimmy Kimmel Live."

Jimmy Kimmel was excited to see Bristol, though he doubted she felt the same way. "I appreciate you coming, because I made ... probably one or two jokes about your mother over the years," Kimmel said. "I think it’s very bold of you."

"I'm here for my apology," Palin shot back. So Kimmel gave her a disingenuous one, admitting ultimately that he isn't sorry at all.

He did offer her a compromise, though. "I will allow you to make 48,000 jokes about my mother," he said.

Mark Ballas did the post-show interview with the press, saying he was proud of how far Palin had gotten, considering she comes from a non-performing background. He did indicate, however, that she may have played it too safe on Monday's show, hurting her in the rankings.

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