10/18/2012 04:58 am ET

'Suburgatory' Premiere: Tessa Discovers Emotional Connection To Show's Theme Song (VIDEO)

"Suburgatory" returned to the ABC lineup just as Tessa was returning to Chatswin from a summer living with her grandmother in New York. While there, she learned more about her absentee mother, hoping to find a connection between herself and her mom.

When she returned to Chaswin, he asked to borrow George's guitar after hearing a cassette tape of original music performed by her mother. All of this was difficult for George, who's actively avoided ever talking about Tessa's mother. But seeing how much this connection meant to his daughter, he relented.

Tessa had signed up for the talent show, but had lost her nerve. George showed up just in time, telling her that her mother often lost her nerve as well. So Tessa took to the stage and performed a song written by her mother; a song very familiar to fans of the show. It was the "Suburgatory" theme song, a sweet connection Zap2It called "a nice touch."

Look for Tessa to continue trying to connect with her mother, and suceeding. HuffPost TV reports that Malin Akerman has been cast in the role and will be making her appearance later this season.

Keep watching "Suburgatory" on Wednesdays at 9:30 pm. ET on ABC to see their mother-and-daughter reunion.

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