10/23/2012 02:09 pm ET

Zeenat Bi, Possibly Oldest, Shortest Person In World, Lives On $5 A Month In India

Zeenat Bi, is 3 feet tall, 113 years old and destitute. And while the Indian woman struggles just to get to the bank, she manages to survive on $5 a month and live alone.

Bi, who may be the world's "oldest, tiniest human," according to the Hindustan Times, lives rent free in a small room and subsists completely on the government’s pension.

“I have no means of income except the government’s old-age pension of 275 rupees a month," Zeenat told the news service, which explains the amount is the equivalent to about $5 a month. "But even that is paid every four months. I have to spend at least 150 rupees on an auto-rickshaw to visit the bank.”

While Bi faces a number of unique challenges, she isn’t alone when it comes to struggling with her pension.

According to a report released by the U.N. Population Fund, India is one of many countries where the elderly pay more into pension systems over the course of their lifetime than they receive in return, the AP reports.

As the world population continues to age, the U.N. is pushing for protection for the globe’s elderly. In India, 8 percent of the population is older than 60. That number will jump to 19 percent by 2050, according to the U.N. report.

But the nation has made strides in protecting the elderly by putting into place established government bodies that address ageing issues.

India's Parliament will soon also discuss the National Food Security Bill, which could help tackle the country’s hunger problem. It aims to serve more of India's poor that have previously been discriminated against based on caste, gender, and religion, The Wall Street Journal reports.

But Bi may not have to wait for the bill to pass to ease her money troubles.

Since the original story in the Hindustan Times ran, a number of organizations have come forward offering Bi financial and medical assistance. And she’s also getting some help with working on her appearance.

According to the news outlet, she’s getting new teeth, but when asked if her jet black hair has been dyed, she said, “Tauba tauba,” which means, "This is all original.”

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