10/19/2012 01:21 pm ET Updated Oct 22, 2012

Austin Rehkow, High School Football Player, Kicks Record-Breaking 67-Yard Field Goal (VIDEO)

Austin Rehkow, a place-kicker for the Central Valley High School football team in Spokane, Wash., might have just piqued the interest of more than a few college scouts.

The senior booted a 67-yard field goal to tie the game against Shadle Park Thursday night. Central Valley would go on to win 65-55. This amateur video captures both the kick sailing over the crossbars and the exuberant response from the crowd.

The Spokesman-Review reports that Rehkow's kick set a new Washington state record and topped the teen's personal best by 11 yards. The previous state record was a 62-yard field goal.

Video of the kick has gone viral, and reactions by YouTube and Reddit users ranged from mildly amused to ecstatic, with some speculating that Rehkow might have a future in the NFL.

Some users pointed out that such long kicks are less frequent at the professional level because of where the ball would be placed should the attempt fail: within the defender's own territory.

The longest field goal in recorded football history is 69 yards, set by Swedish kicker Ove Johansson in 1976. The longest successful field goal in the NFL regular season is 63 yards. The NCAA record for longest successful field goal is also 67 yards.



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