10/19/2012 04:49 pm ET

Buck Tavern Closing, San Francisco Loses Chris Daly's Political Bar (PHOTOS)

Buck Tavern, former San Francisco supervisor Chris Daly's bar and labor of love, is officially closing.

Grubstreet reported on the news Friday, noting a Facebook event titled "The Buck's Big Bon Voyage," featuring a photo of a very sad-looking Daly in a sailor cap and life preserver.

Daly, who served as one of San Francisco's most famous and controversial supervisors for a decade, announced plans to take over the bar shortly before leaving office in 2010.

"Culturally, there's a place for a pub to be a perfect fit for a soon-to-be retired politician," he said to the San Francisco Chronicle at the time. Daly aimed to turn the central watering hole into a gathering spot for the impassioned political conversation he became famous for.

"The bad news for Daly haters is I ain't going anywhere," he said.

But sadly, October 31 will be last call for Buck Tavern.

In an interview with Hayeswire, Daly was mum about the details, revealing only that Halloween would be the bar's last night, and encouraging patrons to attend the closing night party wearing nautical attire, "because this ship is sailing!"

Bon Voyage, Buck.

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