10/19/2012 05:56 am ET Updated Oct 19, 2012

'Project Runway' Finale: Did Christopher, Dmitry, Fabio Or Melissa Win? (VIDEO)

With Fashion Week over, it was time for "Project Runway" to crown its tenth winner. There were four contestants still standing when the night began, but they would be pared down to one by the time it was over. To help with the deliberations, Jennifer Hudson joined the panel as the last guest judge of the season.

All four designers put together lines for New York Fashion Week, so there was plenty for the judges to look at in making their final decision.

While most of their comments were positive, the judges couldn't help but point out Melissa's white dress as the model was struggling to move down the runway in it. Christopher got some criticism about a gown in his collection that Michael Kors didn't feel fit with the rest of his collection.

Not surprisingly, it was Fabio and Dmitry, who didn't really receive any negative criticism, who came in at the top. Christopher came in fourth, followed by Melissa. While both showed impressive and consistent visions, Dmitry came out victorious, edging out Fabio for the win.

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