10/19/2012 09:04 am ET Updated Feb 06, 2013

Shawn Daivari, Pro Wrestler, Fights, Subdues Drunk Train Passenger (VIDEO)

As a professional wrestler for both WWE and TNA, Shawn Daivari has perfected his staged chokehold over the years. But things got very real in late September, when he used his moves to restrain a disorderly passenger on a train in Minnesota.

Recently released surveillance footage of the incident shows the drunk passenger intimidating others on the train, leading one passenger to press the emergency button calling for police assistance.

"That's when he got in the passenger's face, saying, 'I am going to kill you,' and stuff like that," Daivari told Fox Twin Cities.

Eventually wrestler had seen enough, leaving his seat and putting the man in a sleeper hold that reportedly rendered him unconscious and caused him to lose control of his bladder. Daivari then booted the man out of the train at the next stop as other passengers assisted by throwing his backpack and baseball cap along with him.


Metro transit official John Siqveland pointed out to Fox Twin Cities that passengers shouldn't count on professional wrestlers to end such disturbances in the future.

"Use the callbox. Call 911, and find a different place on the train to get away from anything that might come up," he advised.

Although Daivari's exploits are certainly not standard transit security measures, he's far from the first athlete to use his skills to help keep the peace. Boxer Amir Kahn and his brother (also a fighter) recently foiled an attempted carjacking in England. Back in December 2011, an unidentified mixed martial artist gave a would-be robber an epic beatdown in Chicago.



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