10/22/2012 03:31 pm ET

I Can't Be The Only College Senior Who Knows Absolutely Nothing About Personal Finance | The Quad BU Student Magazine & Blog

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If I am to believe the thirteen million or so articles written on the topic, we young, twentysomething, soon-to-be college-graduates are on the fast track to Disastertown, next stop: unemployment. It’s an inevitability for which I have not yet prepared. With my dual degrees in Film and Psychology, I’ve not received a sort of education with the explicit purpose of turning me into a financially savvy adult. For example: I’ve held countless on-campus jobs, but the simple W-4 form baffles me every time I have to fill one out. When I have a problem with my bank, I always call my dad first. And I only pretend to know what I’m reading when I flip through the financial pages on the train ride to work.