10/22/2012 08:29 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Lyrics To Never-Recorded John Lennon Song (PHOTO)

John Lennon would have celebrated his 72nd birthday last week. It's been 32 years since the pop music icon and celebrated lyricist was shot, but fans still pay their respects at Central Park's Strawberry Fields.

Undoubtedly, many admirers of the musician's groundbreaking work must wonder what else he would have accomplished in his lifetime. The Lennon Letters [Little, Brown, $29.99], a new book comprised of personal notes and exchanges, may not answer that question, but it does provide insight into the artist's thoughts and philosophies.

A particularly intriguing scrapping is a postcard dated 1965-1966. On it, Lennon wrote lyrics to a song that he never recorded. Scratched out and rewritten words indicate that it was a work in progress. Check out the lyrics and an image of the postcard below, and let us know what you think in the comments!

When a girl begins to be a problem

Pretty soon the girl must go

When they’re gone you find at last

you love them

Pretty soon you want to know

Little girl I’ve come to say

And this time I just have to say

I love you

If she turns you down and rejected

Try again the best you can

Call to see her when you’re least


Tell her now she’ll understand

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