10/22/2012 11:21 am ET

Mary Archer, Arby's Manager, Fired After Fleeing Robber

Mary Archer had a rough end of the week.

The 56-year-old Fairborn, Ohio resident, who had worked at Arby's for 22 years, was fired on Friday, less than 24 hours after she escaped a knife-wielding robber.

Archer told WHIO that she was closing the restaurant early Friday morning just after a co-worker had left for the day. She heard the doorbell to the business ring and thought it was the co-worker, who might have forgotten something. But the man at the door was a robber.

"He held up a knife and kept saying ‘give me the money,’ ”Archer said.

After pushing her way past the intruder, Archer said, she opened the drive-thru window, called for help and fled the restaurant.

The robber ran away empty handed, but Archer was the one who suffered consequences.

Digital Journal reports that Archer broke Arby's safety and security policy that says employees are not allowed to be alone in its restaurants at any time. Violation of that policy results in termination.

The story sparked outrage on WHIO's Facebook page.

"Yes she violated company policy, but there is a time and place to handle that," wrote one commenter. "Not right after you've been threatened with a knife. Just out of principle, I will not eat at Arby's again!!"

Another commenter suggested that Archer, "should have gotten a medal and a pay raise."



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