10/22/2012 05:38 pm ET

Robert Pattinson Brooding: Actor Looks Really Depressed In Australia (PHOTOS)

If there's one thing Robert Pattinson does well, it's brood.

The 26-year-old actor definitely has the market cornered when it comes to looking depressed and inexplicably attractive at the same time. Is Pattinson competing for saddest looking photo with Kim Kardashian's cat Mercy, or is he really bummed that Kristen Stewart isn't by his side on the first stop of the "Breaking Dawn: Part 2" press tour?

The actor showed up solo to Sydney, Australia -- as Stewart is doing press in Japan -- and posed for some hilariously sad-looking photos by the Sydney Harbor.

Pattinson and Stewart recently reconciled after a brief break prompted by Stewart's very public cheating scandal. The couple were recently spotted together for the first time in Los Angeles, but it looks like Pattinson can't bear being apart from his girlfriend.

Check out Robert Pattinson looking as sad as ever:

Robert Pattinson Brooding