10/22/2012 07:28 am ET Updated Oct 22, 2012

'The Amazing Race 21': Huge Fast Forward Gamble Pays Off For One Team (VIDEO)

The team dubbed "Long Hair, Don't Care" took a huge gamble this week on "The Amazing Race." They were nowhere near the front of the pack when they came upon the "Fast Forward." If anybody had taken it on before them, they would have wasted all that time, and would have to go back to continue on the regular course. But they've been playing their own game all along, and this gamble paid off.

Despite being the fifth team to see that they had the choice to try it, they were the first and only team who actually took the chance. All they had to do was gather some dead rats from various locations and head to the Pit Stop. So they did, with minimal concern about the disgusting rats they were dealing with.

In fact, they joked that in their rock-and-roll lives they've dealt with many rats, so this was nothing new to them. For their efforts, James and Abba catapulted to first place.

The other teams battled through an arduous task doing body work on a bus, and then struggled to navigate their way via boat toward the Pit Stop. In the end, perpetual almost-last-place finishers -- and self-proclaimed "super fans" of the show -- Gary and Will came in at the end of the pack and saw their Race come to an end.

"The Amazing Race" charges on, Sundays at 8 p.m. ET on CBS.

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