10/23/2012 11:08 am ET

10 People Who Make You Who You Are

While our lives are no doubt filled with people who mold and shape us as we grow, there are certain characters who stick out as being particularly influential to the way we see the world and how we treat other people ourselves. Here, 10 of the most important roles that people can play in our lives and how we live them.

1. Your first friend.

It’s hard to even remember the world before you had a real friend. Friends tend to come at the age when you first start really understanding everything around you, and they start to illuminate the world in a way you can’t understand by yourself. Until your friend, you’re pretty much in your own little world with your comfy little family unit. Everything is familiar, everything is a known quantity. Then you meet someone whose parents keep Fruit Roll Ups instead of Fruit By the Foot, someone who doesn’t play all the games you like exactly the way you do, and your whole world turns itself on its head. Learning to compromise, be a good guest and host — it’s all incredibly intimidating (but necessary) for someone who is still combatting not regularly wetting the bed.

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