10/23/2012 09:03 am ET

Hexaflexagon Quesadillas Just Might Work (VIDEO)

We know you want to give it a try.

Eating a quesadilla in the shape of a hexaflexagon might not be the most convenient way to enjoy it, but it's definitely a lot more fun than the typical triangle slices you're used to.

VI Hart, hexaflexagon expert, has brought this possibility into our consciousness and we're just giddy about it. Her cheeky video warns against the hidden dangers of playing with hexaflexagons, which could result in mind-blown syndrome, hexaflexa perplexia, hexaflexa dyslexia and hexaflexa Mexican food cravings. And hexaflexa Mexican food cravings translate into hexaflexagon quesadillas!

A hexaflexagon quesadilla looks like the merging of a paper fortune teller (which are awesome) with a quesadilla. Only it's better because hexaflexagons can turn inside out an infinite number of times.

What can this mean for a quesadilla? We're not sure. Most likely, the filling would be perfectly sealed inside all the folds, making it easier to eat and transport. Hooray! (If only more foods could be hexaflexed.) For step by step instructions on how to contruct a hexaflexgon check out this tutorial and see what a hexaflexagon quesadilla looks like in the video above (at minute 3:48).

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