10/23/2012 10:48 am ET

The Apple 'iPad Mini' Event Drinking Game

The time has come for another Apple press conference, which means that the world is about to be introduced to more "magical," "revolutionary" products that "just work" "really seamlessly." And because you might need to do some magical, revolutionary drinking to get you seamlessly through the work day, we've got you covered.

This time around, Apple is expected to introduce a smaller iPad, popularly known as the "iPad Mini." Thus, we at HuffPost are introducing another of our patented (sorry, Apple!) HuffPost Drinking Games, popularly known as the only way to follow the day's proceedings and stay sane.

Apple will be providing a livestream of the event on its website, so all you daytime drinkers can follow along at home or in the office. Of course, this is for entertainment purposes only and we urge you to not actually play along. If you did, your lunch would last about as long in your stomach as an iPhone 5 on launch day at the flagship Verizon store in downtown San Francisco.

That being said: Here is your HuffPost Drinking Game for Apple's iPad Mini Event. The new iPad might be small, but that doesn't mean your level of intoxication on a Tuesday afternoon at work has to be...