10/24/2012 05:09 pm ET

Allan Staughton Throws Princess The Cat In Dryer, Cries In UK Court (GRAPHIC VIDEO)

A tearful UK man wept in court Tuesday as he admitted to throwing Princess, his girlfriend's cat, into a dryer and running it through three spin cycles.

Allan Staughton recently uploaded the disturbing video online and shared it with friends, according to Yahoo! News.

The video appears to show Staughton cramming little Princess -- whom he nicknamed "Mr. Tumble" for the occasion -- into his dryer at home and closing the door. The cat spins several times before falling to the dryer floor. The animal cruelty continues for two more cycles before the video ends.

Luckily the Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals stepped in when the video, called "You must see this - it will crack you up" hit the web. They tracked down Staughton and Princess, who had a broken tooth and a tongue injury after the attack, the Daily Mail reported.

Staughton, 23, reportedly cried in a Huntingdon courtroom as a judge told him he faces up to six months in jail. He'll also lose Princess and his girlfriend, who dumped him after the stunt, according to Cambridge News.

He'll be sentenced on Nov. 13.



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