10/24/2012 01:02 pm ET Updated Oct 24, 2012

Amy Childs Releases Jewelry Line, Drapes It Over Her Almost-Naked Body In A Bathtub (PHOTOS)

Do you want to wear so much sparkly jewelry that you blind passers-by? Amy Childs has got some gems for that.

The 22-year-old British model and reality star who appeared on "The Only Way Is Essex" also has her own perfume. She previously blew our minds by launching her own line of "hair vajazzles."

Now she's back, with more bling! And: a bikini. And: a bathtub.

Childs debuted her own line of jewels on Wednesday, which are priced from £15 to £100 and launched in conjunction with designer Mikey London. "I always like to look good and I think it's important for girls, as well as women, to look good," she told Digital Spy at the event. "Even men - I might bring out my own men's range one day and make them feel amazing."

But anyway -- back to the photos of the press event from Wednesday. Here are 5 reasons why this is the best product launch EVER:

  1. She was wheeled into the room at the Millennium Mayfair Hotel in the bathtub -- which was draped with screens so as not to ruin the surprise. (That must have been awwwwwkward when they pulled off the sheet.)
  2. Next to Childs' Bathtub Full of Cubic Zirconia were two diamond-studded gazelle heads.
  3. Not only did she wear most of the bling, but she draped it all over her elbows and feet.
  4. Childs' egregiously spray-tanned skin color can only be described as "Citrus Romney."
  5. That jewelry! It's like an arm party thrown by your 3-year-old niece and her box of Pretty Pretty Princess jewelry.

Ready? Amazingness awaits you below.

Amy Childs Launches Her Jewelry Collection

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