10/24/2012 05:30 pm ET

Barack Obama Campaign's Text Message Donations Far Surpass Those Of Romney Campaign (REPORT)

President Barack Obama appears to have outraised Mitt Romney by a 73-to-1 ratio in campaign donations made using text messages, Roll Call reports.

According to Federal Election Commission records, Obama's campaign reported paying $84,655 in fees to m-Qube Group, which manages the new text-to-donate programs of both candidates. Romney's campaign reported paying $1,152. Each campaign pays a percentage of what's raised in fees to the firm.

The Obama campaign declined to tell Roll Call exactly how much was raised via text message. The Romney campaign did not respond to Roll Call.

Both campaigns launched their respective text-to-donate services in late August as the result of a FEC ruling earlier this summer that permits such donations. Donations are capped at $10 per text and $50 per month.

The so-called shortcodes -- the number texted to donate -- have appeared in campaign advertising, and on signage at rallies.

As HuffPost's Paul Blumenthal reported, Obama has a large fundraising advantage among small donors -- those who have contributed less than $200 -- compared to Romney. In September, Obama raised $49.4 million from small donors. Romney raised $12 million. Text message donations are considered small donations.



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