10/24/2012 06:26 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Chinese Kindergarten Teacher Allegedly Lifts Student Off Ground By Ears, Shares Photo On Internet

A kindergarten teacher in China is being investigated after allegedly lifting a female student by the ears and later posting the photo to Weibo, a social network that is the Chinese analogue of Twitter.

According to a Huffington Post translation of a news story from Sohu, a Chinese website, officials from the local education department in China's Zhejiang province investigated the incident after parents complained.


When confronted, the teacher reportedly said she and the students "were just having fun." She allegedly let another student take photos of the incident with a cell phone.

The photo also appeared on a Reddit sub-forum devoted to strange and disturbing news.

Upon investigation, officials found that the uncertified teacher was hired because a local shortage of certified teachers. The school was operating on a "first hire, then certify" policy.

"Private pre-schools teacher recruitment and hiring processes are independent of the district," an education department statement translated by The Huffington Post said. "The education department can't be responsible for any issues with their teachers' ethics or professionalism."

Earlier this week, surveillance video that shows a kindergaren teacher in Shanxi province, northern China, repeatedly slapping students went viral.

That teacher, who allegedly hit students when they showed weakness in math, has been placed on a 15-day administrative detention. The school has reportedly been closed, and authorities are investigating other schools in the region, UPI notes.




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