10/24/2012 09:46 am ET Updated Oct 26, 2012

Vernon Winfrey, Oprah's Dad, Files New Divorce Papers Detailing Bitter Fight

The drama over Oprah Winfrey's dad's divorce continues.

The New York Post reported Wednesday that Vernon Winfrey acknowledged that he cheated on his wife Barbara. He also admitted that he may have chased her with a gun in his hand during a fight “five or six months ago."

Vernon Winfrey filed for divorce, citing "inappropriate marital conduct," last summer. Now, Barbara — Oprah's stepmother since 2000 — is seeking support from Vernon and the right to continue living in their $1.5 million mansion. In the court papers, Vernon reportedly claimed that he makes only $282 a month as a barber and his bank account is overdrawn. However, she alleged that he receives $25,000 every three months from a trust fund set up by Oprah.

This is not the first report of drama between the two. Last July, Oprah bought her father's barbershop after the property went into foreclosure. Barbara Winfrey, who wanted to take out a loan, said she was furious at the intervention. Vernon said he disagreed, and filed for divorce shortly afterwards.