10/25/2012 10:37 am ET

'Arrow': Deadshot Takes Aim As Oliver Squares Off Against His First Supervillain (VIDEO)

The much-anticipated debut of DC villain Deadshot proved to be short-lived on "Arrow." He showed up targeting one of the corrupt men of Starling City on Ollie's list, but Deadshot was shooting first and asking questions never, which didn't sit too well with the city's newest caped crusader.

But their first confrontation, at a swanky event in which the Queen family getting targeted and shot at by Deashot, may well have turned out to be their last. Arrow got off a good shot and a few moments later he was looking down at Deadshot. There was blood around his body, and an arrow sticking out of the contraption over his eye.

At this point, Arrow realized his bodyguard had been shot. because he'd taken a bullet earlier, Arrow knew the bullets were poisoned, so he rushed off to his lair to save his bodyguard's life. When his bodyguard awoke, he saw Oliver as Arrow. Could this be the start of the new Speedy?

As for Deadshot, although fans saw a body, but he wasn't confirmed dead. While The Wall Street Journal and Inside Pulse were disappointed Deadshot came and went so fast, he may not be as gone as they think. Villains have a tendency to find their way back in the world of four-color crime-fighting.

Look for his possible return in upcoming episodes of "Arrow," Wednesdays at 8 p.m. ET on The CW.

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