10/25/2012 09:25 am ET Updated Oct 25, 2012

Hector Cuellar, Joe Biden's Secret Service Officer, Charged With Sex Assault Of 14-Year-Old Girl

A Secret Service officer who guarded Vice President Joe Biden's residence was arrested Monday for allegedly sexually assaulting a 14-year-old girl he was taking care of.

Hector Reynaldo Cuellar, of Woodbridge, Va., is accused of assaulting his family member several times between August and October, according to a police report obtained by Fox News.

The police report does not mention Cuellar's employment, but Fox News reports that he is a uniformed division officer assigned to Biden's home in Washington, D.C. Secret Service spokesman Ed Donovan told the station that he is "aware of the arrest" and that Cuellar was placed on administrative leave.

Donovan wouldn't release more information.

Cuellar faces charges of sexual battery and indecent liberties, according to WJLA. No court date has been set and Cuellar is being held without bond.

In an unrelated April incident, several Secret Service agents assigned to President Obama's camp were accused of taking part in a prostitution scandal, according to The Examiner. One of those reported prostitutes is writing a book about the ordeal.



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