10/25/2012 12:50 pm ET

John McCain Blasts Colin Powell

In an interview on Fox News Radio's "Kilmeade and Friends" Thursday morning, Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.) tore into Colin Powell, who endorsed President Barack Obama for a second term on CBS' "This Morning."

"I'm just saddened," McCain said, "because I used to be a great admirer of Colin Powell. We were friends."

"All I can say is that Gen. Powell, you disappoint us and you have harmed your legacy even further by defending what has clearly been the most feckless foreign policy in my lifetime," he added.

Speaking to reporters earlier this week, McCain criticized the president's "failed leadership" in the global arena, saying that there has been a lack of progress with Iran on nuclear weapons and that al Qaeda is "coming back strongly in Iraq."

Of course, it would not be surprising if McCain also harbors a personal grudge against Powell. As McCain pointed out on Thursday morning, Powell endorsed Obama in 2008. "How can you be Republican -- two cycles in a row you're voting for the Democrats?" he said. "I don't think we need those kind of Republicans."



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