10/25/2012 01:05 pm ET

Mexico City's Miniature Michael Jacksons

I haven't really been feeling the Halloween build up this year; the inevitability of thousands of Jimmy Saviles roaming the streets of London just kind of bums me out. But I walked into the office today to find a gold envelope containing a small photo book by Will Sanders called Halloween, which is full of kids in Mexico City dressed up as Michael Jackson. If anything's going to nudge a bit of the spooky joy of All Hallow's Eve back into my heart, it's Mexican kids dressed like the scariest-looking man to have ever lived.

Turns out Will has won a load of awards for his photography, exhibited around the world, shot for a bunch of respectable magazines, and been included in a number of photography books (NBD), but I was more interested in the cool Jacko photo-booklet, so I called him up and asked him about it.