10/26/2012 01:41 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Sergio Romo 'Romobombing' GIF: Pablo Sandoval Is Victim Of Giants Closer's Videobombing (VIDEO)

If you find yourself anywhere near the field of a major league ballpark then watch out.

You may be Romobombed.

Up until he was pressed into action in the ninth inning of Game 2 of the World Series, San Francisco Giants closer Sergio Romo has been all smiles in the dugout and bullpen. Before Game 2 got underway at AT&T Park, a relaxed Romo provided the FOX broadcast team with a clip it could (and would) show repeatedly throughout the night. The 29-year-old pulled off yet another hilarious videobomb. This time the victim was the Kung Fu Panda.

(H/T @CorkGaines)

The FOX announcing crew of Joe Buck and Tim McCarver interviewed the 29-year-old in the home fourth inning and couldn't help but ask about his antics.

"We're just having fun. The motto of our team is play for the guy next to you," Romo told Buck and McCarver. "The smile on my teammate's face matters more than he smile on my face. Any way to contribute, any way to put that smile on their face is what really matters to us. And what a fun right it really has been."

When asked about his latest videobomb (or "Romobomb"), Romo didn't have much of an explanation.

"I definitely got him earlier. I'm getting everybody, really. It's starting to trend. I don't really know what the purpose is. It's just being silly," he said. "This is just another side of goofiness that I can bring to the table."

A couple hours after he provided everyone with the best GIF of the night, Romo showed that filthy slider that he can also bring to the table, pitching a 1-2-3 ninth inning to save Madison Bumgarner's win in Game 2.

Just for fun: