10/26/2012 02:20 pm ET Updated Oct 26, 2012

High-Profile Law School Drop-Outs: Above The Law List

Considering law school? It's not always a guaranteed path to fame and fortune. In fact, many famous and interesting people dropped out of law school in order to become famous and interesting. has compiled a list of famous people who decided in the midst of law school that they didn't need law school to get ahead. Among them: a Supreme Court justice and some presidents! (And here we were, thinking you had to graduate from law school to be a Supreme Court justice.) has more:

Where would we be if these people hadn’t dropped out of law school? American culture would surely be a lot less vibrant. Those are just some of the “good guy” dropouts (not to mention the five other U.S. Presidents besides Roosevelt who also dropped out of law school, some of them to pursue their political ambitions).

What about the “bad guys” who decided to drop out of law school? Topping that list is serial killer Ted Bundy (Puget Sound Law School), followed by asset killer Bernie Madoff (Brooklyn Law School).

Below, check out the famous people who turned down a J.D. Does this list make you reconsider law school? Let us know in the comments.



High Profile Law School Drop Outs