10/26/2012 06:27 am ET Updated Oct 26, 2012

'The Office': Stephen Colbert Steals All Of Andy's Cornell A Cappella Glory (VIDEO)

When Andy booked the current incarnation of his old a cappella group from Cornell University to perform at "The Office" Halloween party, he was expecting they'd treat him like a legend. Instead, they seemed to barely acknowledge he was an alum of their school, much less their group. But a lot of that blame can be laid directly at the feet of Broccoli Rob, played by Stephen Colbert.

Rob and Andy had been in the group together, but Rob still lives nearby. And as we learned later in the episode, he was up there three times a week bending the ears of the guys. In doing so, he took the credit for basically all of Andy's Cornell achievements.

It culminated in an awkward encounter after Erin had convinced the group to throw Andy a bone and perform his signature song, George Michael's "Faith." Andy was even dressed up as George Michael, having secretly hoped they'd perform it and ask him to solo. But Rob had told them it was his signature song, so he showed up on the monitor to steal Andy's solo.

It was a fun reunion of the two former "The Daily Show" correspondents, though a bit disappointing that they never came never face-to-face. Perhaps Colbert can squeeze in a more substantial guest spot before the series wraps so he and Andy can address their feud more directly. And, just for fun, maybe he could bring Jon Stewart along as well.

The final season of "The Office" rolls on, Thursdays at 9 p.m. ET on NBC.

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