10/28/2012 10:22 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

'Back To The Future' Baby Halloween Costumes Are An Adorable Trend [PHOTOS]

It's safe to say that many adults who were kids in 1985 are disappointed by the lack of hoverboard technology available today, thanks to "Back to the Future." One man, Redditor dinoignacio, has turned his own wish for flying transportation (or, more simply, love for the movie) into an amazing daddy-daughter costume. On Saturday, he posted the below photos in which he and his toddler are dressed as Marty McFly and Doc Brown, getting ready for Halloween.

The genius of this parent-child ensemble is that dad chose to dress as young Marty and put his little girl in the Doc role. Her surprised look -- a pitch-perfect mad scientist -- makes the motivation behind his choice clear. As one commenter on Reddit points out, "The only people on the face of the earth who can accurately mimic Christopher Lloyd's facial expressions are toddlers."

Though dinoignacio's daughter quickly lost the pants meant to accompany her little lab coat (black leggings, natch), her spiky gray wig more than makes up for any impropriety. And while dad may have done a good job outfitting himself -- signature down vest, "future shoes" and, yes, hoverboard -- he has major competition for best Marty from one-year-old Cooper whose mother made her baby his very own DeLorean.

Yup, we're ready to call "Back to the Future" the most exciting trend in 2012 baby costumes.


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