10/28/2012 09:04 pm ET Updated Oct 28, 2012

Cocktail Rings Add Sparkle To The Blah Days Of Winter (PHOTOS)

Remember that diamond flower ring that Samantha famously bid on (and eventually received) in "Sex And The City: The Movie"? Carrie described it as "a little too much" and she was right. The enormous sparkler was bold, and, like all cocktail rings should be, a conversation starter.

As the days get shorter and our wardrobes get darker, we all need a little sparkle. And what better way than to slip on a cocktail ring? The oversized baubles can be more daring than your style usually is, and that's precisely the point. Your LBD just became that much more interesting with that knuckle-duster on your hand. Your business suit from today's meeting just went from boring business wear to evening-appropriate with a large gold cocktail ring (and an extra button undone on your silk blouse, naturellement). There's no need to pull a Kim Kardashian with a two million dollar ring either, not with sites like Bauble Bar where you can spend a pittance for something really pretty.

Here, seven cocktail rings to get this party started.

Style 7: Cocktail Rings

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