10/29/2012 11:39 am ET Updated Oct 29, 2012

George Clooney's Girlfriend Stacy Keibler Talks Evolving Career: ‘Everything Is A Stepping Stone'

From Miss Hancock to Ms. Clooney? Stacy Keibler’s career has undeniably evolved since she retired from professional wrestling. Today, Keibler is instead associated with her stint on "Dancing With the Stars," her breathtaking red carpet ensembles and her hunky (to say the least) boyfriend.

“Ya know, I feel that everything in my life, in my career, has been a stepping stone to something else,” Keibler tells HuffPost Celebrity. “I really never know where life is taking me.”

Oh? Despite being known for her unusually long legs (she was once referred to as “The Legs of WWE”), and having been deemed a “Weapon of Mass Seduction” by "DWTS" judge Bruno Tonioli, the (modest) blonde seems a bit uncomfortable with her reputation.

“Oh my gosh I don’t look at myself like that,” Keibler laughs.

Not that Keibler doesn't have a lot to be confident about these days. The former pro-wrestler recently launched Valspar paints' Love Your Color Guarantee Project for Habitat for Humanity. Valspar will be donating up to $50,000 to the housing group by handing over $1 for every virtually painted home on its Facebook page.

"I recently participated in a Habitat build and it was so rewarding. I’ve never felt more powerful in my life than that day." Keibler said. "I got there, thought I was going to be moving wood from place to place or painting, and instead they were giving me nail guns!” Keibler adds: “So when they asked me if I wanted to team up for this, I really loved the project.”

Not only is Keibler also hosting Lifetime's upcoming reality competition show "Supermarket Superstars" for aspiring food product inventors, but she's also excited to begin fighting another cause she is passionate about: childhood obesity.

"I actually just set up a trust because I hope to raise money so that I can help with different organizations that are targeting that,” Keibler says.

It seems that just like her beau, Keibler is both a sweetheart and a humanitarian.



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