10/29/2012 10:27 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Happy Birthday, Bob Ross! Google Celebrates Artist With Doodle (PHOTOS)

Today is the birthday of quite possibly the world's happiest painter, Bob Ross. The artist, known for his decade-long PBS show "The Joy of Painting" and his affinity for adorable squirrels, would turn 70 years old if he were still alive today.

Ross, a former military man born in Orlando, Florida, rose to cult fame in the 1980s and '90s when his television series, "The Joy of Painting," brought light-hearted art instruction to the PBS airwaves. Regarded for his trademarked Wet-on-Wet Technique and soft-spoken demeanor, the afro'd host would treat viewers to 30 minutes of "happy little trees" and other crucial elements to nature paintings.

In honor of Mr. Ross' birthday, Google is celebrating the painter with their very own Google Doodle, featuring the artist, his squirrel, and a lovely little landscape. We wanted to do our part to celebrate the glorious day as well, so we put together a slideshow of our favorite Bob Ross moments. Scroll through the videos below and have a happy little day, everyone.

The Best Bob Ross Videos