10/29/2012 11:51 pm ET Updated Oct 30, 2012

Hurricane Sandy Images: Submit Your Storm Pictures (PHOTOS)

Sandy continues to impact the Northeast, bringing strong winds and causing widespread disruption.

About 1.6 million people were without power as of Monday afternoon, The Weather Channel reports. As of 11:00 p.m. Monday, nearly 250,000 customers in Manhattan were without power, according to NY1 News.

USA Today notes that almost 14,000 flights have been cancelled because of the storm.

Officials, including New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg and New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie, have urged residents to stay inside.

Many people affected by the storm have been sharing photos on Facebook and Twitter, and The Huffington Post would love to see some of those photos. To share a picture or video, click the "add a slide" button below.

This is a life-threatening storm that has already been responsible for at least 65 deaths, and all warnings should be heeded. Please only take photos if you are in a safe place to do so.

This post has been updated to revise the number of people in Manhattan without power.



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