10/29/2012 03:23 pm ET Updated Oct 31, 2012

The Rain Shield Umbrella: We Wish We Had One During Hurricane Sandy 2012 (VIDEO)

For those of you who are on the East coast right now like us, we hope that you're staying safe, warm and dry indoors while we wait for Hurricane Sandy to pass through. (We're hunkered down and working from home today.) But if you have to go outside for any reason, like to buy more provisions, it would be best to take a sturdy umbrella. So when we saw the Rain Shield umbrella, an innovative design unlike any other rainy weather accessory we've ever seen, on Co.Design, we wished we had one of these on hand.

This umbrella, designed by Taiwanese designers Lin Min-Wei and Liu Li-Hsiang and a Red Dot Award winner, has no sharp parts, won't invert with a strong gust of wind like traditional models and has a shield on one side that you can use to protect yourself from that dreaded sideways rain. And our favorite part is the way it folds into a small disc-shaped pad.

Unfortunately this project is still in a mock-up phase, but until it's available watch the video above to see it in action, then click through our slideshow below for other chic umbrellas that will keep you dry during the storm. And be sure to head over to Co. Design for more info.

Cool And Functional Umbrellas

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