Favorite Chicago Time-Lapse Videos: Lake Michigan Waves, Skyline Views And More (VIDEO)

When it comes to great video, Chicago is always ready for its close-up. Weather shots, skyline views and Windy City citizens going about their day seem to be favorite subjects of the many time-lapse videos that have Chicago in the starring role.

In other instances--like WBEZ's time-lapse of Hurricane Sandy-related waves shot Tuesday--time-lapse videos from around town help tell a story with great context (after all, a single fake photo can often be harder to spot than a fake video).

Our friends at Chicagoist noted that "it's been a good year for time-lapse videos of Chicago" and that is certainly the case. Though not all videos are from strictly the past 12 months, HuffPost Chicago has taken a sampling of 10 favorite time-lapse videos that show the weird, wild and wonderful as filmed by (very patient) photographers.

Did we miss your favorite? Let us know below.



Favorite Chicago Time-Lapse Videos