10/30/2012 08:05 pm ET

'Intervention': Man's Young Daughters Have No Idea He's Addicted To Meth, Painkillers (VIDEO)

Al is still a young father at only 32 years old, who should be enjoying watching his children grow up. But thanks to a serious drug addiction, he's instead found himself separated from his wife and daughters. On "Intervention," Al talked about smoking crystal meth up to 15 times a day, and chasing that with upwards of 45 prescription pain killers every day.

His wife has tried to protect their children from Al's addiction. "I constantly lie," she said. "I make him seem wonderful for them because that's how they think he is."

But she also said that when Al wants to get high, nothing else matters. He's fallen so low, he lives rent-free at his mother's house. There, she enables him by giving him $300 a week for meth.

His was such a severe addiction, viewers got the feeling that he might relapse right away. Perhaps it was those young daughters who still thought their daddy was "wonderful" that helped him. The end of the episode revealed that Al is still in treatment, and has enjoyed sobriety since May 2012.

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