10/30/2012 07:55 pm ET

Larry Moore, San Francisco Shoeshiner, Loses Stand To Fire In Giants World Series Riots

Many sports fans were disappointed (though, surely not surprised) by the riotous celebrations following the Giants' World Series win on Sunday night, which left cars overturned, buses vandalized and a fire burning in the Mission.

But perhaps none were so disappointed as Larry Moore, a homeless shoe shiner and ex-addict whose shoeshine stand on Market Street--his only source of income and hope for a better life--was burnt to a crisp in the riot.

The San Francisco Chronicle's C.W. Nevius reported on the incident, detailing photos of Moore's well-kept chairs burned black.

"I'm as happy as anyone to see the Giants win," said a friend of Moore's to Nevius. "But I don't understand why they need to destroy property."

Unfortunately, Moore wasn't the only innocent bystander caught in the crosshairs. According to SF Appeal, the GLBT History Museum's plate-glass windows were also shattered Sunday night.

Can Giants fans possibly redeem themselves?

Fortunately, it seems the answer might be yes: the day Moore's story appeared on the Chronicle, an online fundraising campaign launched, raising nearly $2000 of a $5000 in a single day.

Perhaps there is some hope after all.

Check out photos of the Sunday night riots in our slideshow. Then, check out Larry Moore's thank you to the city of San Francisco for its support over the years:

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