10/30/2012 07:50 pm ET Updated Oct 31, 2012

'My Shopping Addiction': Woman Wants To Be The Ultimate Real-Life Barbie (VIDEO)

Barbie may have accessories for every occasion, but does that mean all women should? Part-time model Tawnie thinks so, as she explained on "My Shopping Addiction."

"When you look at a doll in its box, they always come with accessories to match. I think girls should look the same," she said.

Tawnie has certainly built a wardrobe that Barbie might envy. She's spent $20,000 on jeans alone, and another $15,000 on bikins, all in her desire to be the ultimate real-life Barbie.

"I love the way people look at me. I like the attention," she said. But all that attention comes at a price, with Tawnie $50,000 in debt. And now her addiction is threatening more than her financial future.

Tawnie's fiance had threatened to call off their wedding if she didn't get help. She worked with a therapist, who reminded her that Barbies are just empty pieces of plastic. Through working with her therapist, Tawnie has drastically reduced her shopping. And the wedding went forward as planned.

"My Shopping Addiction" is on the rise for Oxygen in the ratings, gaining 16% week-to-week. Check out new stories of people struggling with this addiction every Monday at 11 p.m. ET on Oxygen.

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