10/31/2012 09:26 am ET

Ben Affleck On 'Homeland': Actor Almost Directed Showtime Series

He may be killing it at the box office with "Argo," but Ben Affleck passed up the opportunity to direct "Homeland."

"I was sure nothing would happen with the show," Affleck said upon receiving the Career Achievement Award from Jeremy Renner at the Casting Society of America’s annual Artios Awards, according to THR. "Now I hate the f----g show. I’ve never seen it. I'm going to attach myself to 14 pilots this year."

Affleck said he passed it up as part of a deal he has with wife Jennifer Garner. She was doing a film, so it was his turn to be with the kids.

Affleck's remorse is understandable. "Homeland" swept the Emmys drama category this year and Sunday's episode broke records for Showtime with over 2 million viewers.

He may have made a poor decision when it came to leaving "Homeland" in the dust, but making smart career moves is becoming increasingly important to Affleck.

"As you get older, I think you get a little bit smarter and you get interested in different things. And in my case, I worked harder and I kind of dedicated myself more, because I got to a point where I realized you only have so much time, you know?" Affleck told HuffPost, adding that "There definitely was a period ... a run of movies that I got into that I didn't like. And that I didn't tend to continue in the vein of."

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"Homeland" airs on Sundays at 10 p.m. ET on Showtime.